Doppnator Limited Edition, Doppelbock – 8.7% ABV

A very strong maltiness, with dark fruit and chocolate aromas. The mouthfeel is full bodied with a smooth alcohol warmth. The hop bitterness is low with a malty sweet finish. The beer is a tribute to the Munich monks who first brewed this beer.

Gateway of India, IPA – Small Batch Series – 8.5% ABV

A highly hopped beer with hints of orange blossom aroma with citrus and tropical notes. The high hop notes with a moderate dry finish provides an aftertaste of both malt and hops. The mouthfeel is medium and well-rounded to unwind with citrusy and tropical hop notes. The beer is a throwback to the days when beer was transported to India. It’s a beer that’ll spur your imagination.

Industrious Porter – 6.5% ABV

A strong dark malt aroma with caramelly, chocolate aromas. The mouthfeel is velvety smooth with a hint of mint chocolate bringing out the richness in the malt profile for a medium sweet, moderate hop bitterness. This beer will take you back in time of early London Porters, but there is a richness to this beer for a classy finish.

Warrior Knight, IPA – 6.3% ABV


A highly hopped beer with hints of grapefruit, melon, black pepper &  tropical fruit. The moderately high hop bitterness is balanced out with a nutty malt flavor. The mouthfeel is medium with a smooth texture. Designed for that Warrior Knight in us all.

Calibrator - Brown Ale – 5.8% ABV


A moderate malty sweet aroma with hints of caramel, nutty malt complexities. The medium finish provides an aftertaste of both malt and hops. This beer is perfect to unwind with citrusy and tropical hop

Alt Refresh – American Wheat Beer – 5.5% ABV


A moderate malty sweet aroma, with hints of breadiness and an earthy aroma. The mouthfeel is a soft caramelly malt flavor which is very delicate for a light crisp, low hop note. You may start thinking of being at the ocean.

GibEmHelles – Helles Beer – 5% ABV


A moderate  sweet malt aroma, with hints of orange. A moderate malty finish, low hop bitterness with hints of citrus and floral notes. A very soft on the palette refreshing beer. We’ll give that Pilsner some Helles.

Airship Dunkel – Dunkles Weissbier – 4.7% ABV

A moderate wheat malt aroma, accompanied by a rich caramel malt. A medium full body texture with a bready rich caramel toasty flavor. Low hop bitterness with a relatively dry finish. This will take you to the land of the Airship!

Retro BSA - British Strong Ale – 6.1% ABV

A malty sweet aroma with hints of caramel, chocolate and toffee. The mouthfeel is medium malt character with chocolate notes and hints of dried fruit. The finish is medium dry with a sweet medium hop finish. This is our version of a a vintage era beer British Strong Ale.

Wexford Red - Irish Red Ale – 4.8% ABV

A moderate malt aroma with a caramelly toasty character. The mouthfeel is medium light with a biscuity note. The hop bitterness is low with a clean and smooth finish. The beer is will remind you of that trip to Ireland or make you think of visiting Ireland.

Wee Bit Export - Scottish Ale – 5.8% ABV

A malt focused beer with a breadiness character to it. A caramel sweetness adds depth to the with low hop bitterness to round off the flavor. The mouthfeel is medium-low and finishes with a smooth creaminess to it. You wonder what a little wee bit can do to your senses

Haz Trick - Specialty IPA – 5.8% ABV

A moderately hopped beer with hints of orange blossom, citrus, tropical notes and an earthy aroma. The infusion of hops provides a balance of citrus notes with delicate dry hopping, rounding out the flavor profile. The mouthfeel is soft with a dance of citrusy and tropical effervescence with a light crisp finish on the palate. This is an all-day IPA.

Gutsy Stout - American Stout – 6.1% ABV

A moderately high aroma of roasted malt with a medium low hop aroma. The mouth feel is medium bodied with a little creaminess to balance the palate closely coupled with hints of roasted coffee and bittersweet chocolate. There is a medium low malt sweetness reminiscent of that rich chocolate. The hop bitterness is medium-low with a trail of resinousness. You will dream of replacing your cup of coffee the next morning with this Gutsy Stout!

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